Team Rocket is a two-ship formation aerobatic performance featuring Eric Hansen in the F1 Rocket, and Ken Fowler in the Harmon Rocket II.


Eric pilots the F1 Rocket, which is a sleeker, modified version of the Harmon Rocket II. The F1 Rocket is a high-performance, kit-built airplane capable of climbing at 3,500 fpm.


Ken pilots a Harmon Rocket II, a highly modified RV-4. Power is from a Lycoming IO-540 engine, custom built by Progressive Air of Kamloops, British Columbia and produces 300 H.P. at 2800 RPM. The aircraft’s empty weight is only 1146 lbs, which gives it excellent high-speed aerobatic performance and awesome vertical performance. Although not an unlimited aerobatic aircraft such as the Extra 300 or Pitts, this Harmon Rocket will outperform all such aircraft going vertical.



Ken and Eric have been performing together for six years. As a team, they are dynamic and fast; the only team of this aircraft type in the air show industry.

Team Rocket has also performed combined routines with Jerzy Strzyz and Dan Buchanan. If you are planning on booking Team Rocket for your show don’t forget to ask about combination acts. It is a great way to integrate performances and provide tons of excitement for your patrons.